1. Ahhhh … I love him! Is he painted on a rock or on a squash of some kind? I’ve been collecting ideas for painting on rocks and I think I’ll try some this winter, along with the palm husks. For some reason, I’m drawn to art on nature’s canvases, vs man made ones.

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    • This is a painted rock we found on a campsite. We left it right where we found it. I thought it was very cheerful. This is a simple painted rock; I am sure you could paint some really impressive ones. I would love to see your creations in a future blog post! Enjoy your day!

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    • My guess is someone left it behind to spread a little sunshine. It’s kind of a thing right now to paint rocks and leave them for others to find. It is against the rules to leave a painted rock at a state or national park. This one was on a picnic bench at a COE campground.

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