Close up of a yellow flower

What is friendship? Most would say it’s when two people enjoy each other and care about each other. But there’s more to it, don’t you think?

Some friends are life long. Like my friend, Liz. We met on the first day of kindergarten, and we are still friends. We have a long history.

When my son Zachary was in kindergarten, he met Eric and wanted to invite him over to our house. I remember Zachary said, “Mom, I just met him, and I already know him.” Isn’t that a wonderful way to describe a new friend?

Betty and Jessica

I’ve been following a blogger named Jessica for awhile. Jessica is a talented writer and artist. She has two blogs: Unmeasured Journeys and Jeweled Again by Jessica. Somehow through our blogs, I felt like we had gotten to know each other and became friends – at least virtually. Her sweet, generous and kind nature comes through in her writing. She is a light in this world.

But recently, while we were camping at Greenville Recreation Area, Dan and I met Jessica live and in person. We actually spent a good part of a day together with her and her son. Jessica drove about an hour from her home to meet us at the Trail’s End Coffee and Cafe in Greenville. There we enjoyed a delicious lunch, and the conversation just flowed.

After lunch, the four of us went back to our campsite. There we played board games and took a walk around the campground. As the afternoon wore on, the conversation continued to flow, and we never ran out of things to talk about.

By the time Jessica left, Dan and I were a bit concerned as we knew she and her son would not make it back home before dark. We didn’t voice our concerns; however, Jessica already knew me well enough to text me when she and her son got home safely.

We had such a nice day! And while I had known Jessica some through blogging, we had just met in person for the very first time. It was just like Zachary had said. I just met her, and I already knew her! I hope Jessica and I will be friends for a long time.

Was there ever a time when you had just met someone but you felt like you already knew the person?


  1. Yup. Reminds me of the time I met a certain someone who happens to write a blog. Specifically, this one. I knew you before I met you and you are indeed the beautiful person I thought you would be. As is Dan. I look forward to being friends for a long time.

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    • Aww… Thank you, Bill! And I feel the same way about you and Barb. I love your enthusiasm for life and your cheerful, positive outlook. I have met so many kind and good people through blogging and camping. You and Barb are at the top. I hope we will be friends for a long time, too. Enjoy your day, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  2. Anything that makes you smile is worth treasuring. How fun that you got to meet Jessica. I found her through you (of course–that is one of the perks of blogging and commenting, right?). She is inspiring, and I am finally working on my Jessica-inspired latest project in between my toting and fetching caregiving job!

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    • Yes, finding others who inspire us is definitely one of the perks of blogging. She is the third blogger we’ve met in person, and each time was a great experience. I look forward to reading about your Jessica-inspired project. Good luck with your project, and enjoy your day!

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  3. Hi Betty, love the yellow flower. It matched the yellow shirt you wore that day. I think this friendship is definitely a God Wink. I found your blog on some camping search, we started commenting on each other’s posts, I sent you that church, you wrote about the church in Pentwater, and it’s grown from there. It was an honor to meet you and Dan. I hope we’ll be friends a really long time.

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    • I am glad you had good experiences, too. I think the shared interests and reading each other’s posts also contribute to the budding friendships. Plus, most bloggers are really nice people. 🙂 Hope you have a great week, Linda!

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    • Thanks, Marty! I had some really good friends from my workplace. That was one of the best parts of working. Thanks for reminding me about that. In retirement, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some really nice people through blogging and camping. Dan and I walk our neighborhood almost every day; we have met many people this way – just from walking and talking. Hope you have a great week ahead!


  4. I’m reading your post on the day that we’re going to visit my dear friend Jackie in Texas who I met through a common interest message board over 20 years ago. We instantly hit it off virtually, then became email Pals, and when Facebook came along, we continued to follow each other’s lives through there. We met Jackie in person for the first time in 2019 as we were headed for our first winter in South Texas. It was as though we had known each other all of our lives and had just had coffee together the day before. It’s truly special when these things happen, Betty and I’m happy you got to meet and enjoy some time with Jessica and her son.

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    • Isn’t that a coincidence – you visiting Jackie again and my blog post? I hope you have a wonderful time with your friend Jackie. It is special when we connect with a new, good friend. Enjoy your time, and continued safe travels!


  5. This post really resonates with me. In the 11 years of blogging, I have made some marvelous friends here. Some I have met in person, most I have not. They feel the same to me. As a gypsy, I didn’t have the luxury of long time friends from years ago but cherish each and everyone I get to have for a while. Since I’ve moved to my 36th address last year, I’m making new friends all over again and am so grateful for each one. Yes, I do know that feeling of already knowing someone quickly. It’ like you know their heart and you can tell it from their writing as well as being physically present.

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    • I am so glad my post resonated with you. 36 addresses! Holy cow! But how wonderful to have made and are still making new friends. I have only met three blogging friends in person, but each time it was a wonderful experience. I have been blogging 4 years. Good for you for eleven years! And here’s to many more!

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  6. That is so great that you got to meet your fellow blogger friend in person. I know from a previous post of yours that this is not the first time so I applaud you making personal contact with someone you have only known virtually. A number of years ago, my daughter made a connection with a woman who had found her through one of her blog posts. Turns out, they both lived near each other and met in person soon after. They have been dear friends ever since.

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    • Thank you, David. This is the third time I have met a fellow blogger in person, and each meeting was delightful. Does your daughter still blog? It’s great that she made a new, dear friend through blogging.

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      • That’s great! Yes, but my daughter is blogging in a new way. She is now an author and has a professional website now. Her original blog is still out there, though she is not actively adding to it.

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    • That is wonderful! Your friend sounds like a nice person – one who put you at ease at a time when you were nervous. I can see why the friendship has lasted for years! Thanks for your comment, and Enjoy your day!


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