• It is a spider I saw on a sign during a recent camping trip in Missouri. I don’t know what kind of spider it is, but it is about one-half inch long. I used my macro setting on my phone camera. I thought the eyes were really wild. Its legs look robotic. To me, it almost looks like a creature in a scary movie. I would not like to find it in my bed either – day or night! Well, I hope you have a good day, and don’t worry about seeing that spider. It was in Missouri, and even if it is headed your way, it will probably take a few more days before it arrives. 🙂


    • I looked up wolf spider on Missouri.edu. It didn’t really look like the picture. Maybe it is a different variety of the wolf spider. It looked more like something called a “jumping spider.” Which is even scarier to think about. Next time, I see a Missouri Conservation Agent, I am going to ask.

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      • You are right, it is a jumping spider. And I learned something–we always called a spider a wolf spider that looked like yours, and was shaped that way, but they were black, white, and brown. The wolf spider is actually the spider that I see all around here outside–my most hated spider. I know they are important to the ecosystem, but they just creep me out! We had a lot of them in the part of Texas where I lived, too.

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        • I’m just glad it didn’t jump on me! I did read a jumping spider is not poisonous or dangerous. If it jumped on me, I’d be screaming though. With the naked eye, this spider looked grey-ish. Thanks for your research! Enjoy your day, and I hope the spiders stay hidden.

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    • This macro photo of it really made it interesting. Of course, with the naked eye, I could not see its eyes or the details on its legs. It seemed like a good “Halloween” Wordless Wednesday. Hope you have a good day!

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