Friday Funnies – 10/28/2022

A Halloween decoration which is a giant eye attached to a body.

I see we have another new day.

Where will it take you?

A giant skeleton with large hands in the forefront.

Grab the day with all the gusto you can!

But save some of that gusto for love!

A street scene at night.  There is a large skeleton with an orange head.  The moon is in the background behind his outreached hand.

Then, when the day is over, you can smile at the moon and know you have given it your all.


    • I’m not sure about all of Missouri, but our neighborhood – New Town at St. Charles – takes holiday decorating to a whole new level. It’s almost theatrical. Christmas is the same. It does make for nice evening walks when temps temp one to stay inside. Enjoy your day!

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    • Thank you! Yes, they do go all out. One man who puts up tons for Halloween and Christmas made the remark during Covid that he was trying to cheer people up. It worked! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

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