Friday Funnies – 11/11/2022

But First, a heartfelt

“Thank You” to all of our Veterans on this “Veterans Day.”

The freedoms we enjoy in life are because of you and all of those who have served!

The back of our Micro Lite camper with a sign which says, Happy Campers, and has two pumpkins on each side.  There is also a United States flag.
We Thank You for Your Service!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Friday Funnies…

Talia holding a diet coke bottle in each hand with a bronze statue in the background.  The statue is a lady holding a bird in each hand.  Talia is posed like the statue.
“Life Imitates Art…”
Oscar Wilde

Happy Friday!


  1. Your Veterans’ Day is known as Remembrance Day in Canada. We thank and honour all of those who served and still serve to protect our freedom. I love “life immitates art” – I think I have a few of those in my photo archives. Fun stuff!

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    • So according to Google, Remembrance Day is also on November 11th. I didn’t realize both countries had this day on the same date. I have a few more pictures of Talia imitating art, too. Perhaps we should start a day for posting “life imitates art” pictures! 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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    • Thank you to your husband for his service to our country! I don’t know if you and he were married at the time, but also thanks to you – for the family of those who serve also sacrifice. We are enjoying Texas – the best part is spending time with Michael and Allie. Hope you have a great weekend!

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      • I’ll tell him. It was before we dated, but the Coast Guard is a big part of who he is. Yay, glad you’re enjoying your time with them. Thank you- my husband is off deer hunting. Kiddo and I are having a mom/son weekend.

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  2. Thanks for the funny photo! How whimsical to try and imitate statues in a clever/funny way. I think I”m going to attempt it next time I notice a statue when we’re out and about! Our RV is buttoned up for the winter. Can’t wait until we retire so we can go, go, go without restrictions (jobs). haha! Happy Friday!

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    • My daughter made that pose while we were out taking a walk in DC. She has done things like that before; it is fun. How nice that you already have an RV and get to travel even before retirement. Our travel trailer will soon be buttoned up, too. Hope you have a happy Friday, too!


  3. Thanks for thinking of us veterans. Glad you are able to get out and about one last time. Sounds like a really special place that you’ve found. Oh by the way, if you’re looking for a new trail to ride I’ve found one for you. It runs from Miami to Pensacola, Florida. Enjoy the weekend.

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    • Thank you, Bill, for your service. The events in Ukraine this past year have really shown us we should never take our freedoms for granted. I have always appreciated those who serve our country, but perhaps now more than ever. Now.. Holy Moly! That is one long trail! It is called the Mabel Fentress Miller Walking Trail. I will have to research more about it, but thank you for letting me know about it. Hope you have a great weekend, too!


    • I will let her know. 🙂 Someone just had that large metal sculpture in their front yard. And we just happened to be carrying two bottles of diet coke. We did have fun! Hope you have a great weekend!


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