Welcome to the Holidays!

It’s the Holidays!
Come On In!

Whether you like to shop til you drop, seek solace in silence, or a mix of something in between, I hope you enjoy the coming holiday season in whatever way warms your heart and blesses your soul.


    • Thank you, David. Wow a whole week off ! I used to love those long breaks when I worked at a community college. I took this picture of the entrance at the Grapevine Visitor’s Center. It just looked so grand to me. There was also a large model train display set up. I hope you enjoy all your time off!

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  1. Wow! What a visitor center that must have been. I have yet to find one so grand. Thanks for the best wishes. Our Holiday Season is off to a great start. Thanksgiving, we spent the day with friends new and old. We always seem to find one or two souls who have nowhere to go for the Holidays and so invite them to have a meal with us. Yesterday was no exception. And now we have another wonderful new friend in the neighborhood. Enjoy the holidays and may you make many new wonderful memories along the way.

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    • That is wonderful to open your home to others! This is the true spirit of Thanksgiving! I am sure they loved it! Dan and I had Thanksgiving with my mom where she lives. So, we had it easy! I am glad you had a wonderful start to the Holiday Season. The Visitor Center was housed in the same building as the Convention Center, so it was more than just a traditional Visitor Center. I went there for a bicycle trail map. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  2. This reminds me of a favorite story I heard once about Bob Newhart. He was visiting Johnny Carson at Johnny’s new home in Malibu. It was apparently quite spacious and grand, and Johnny proudly took everyone on a tour. When they returned to the living room, Bob asked in that dry manner of his, “Where’s the gift shop?” 😆 – Marty

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    • What a great story! You are not too far off. This is actually the Grapevine (Texas) Convention and Visitor Bureau Headquarters. I went there looking for a map of the bicycle trails. 🙂

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