The Total Package

A few gifts wrapped under a Christmas tree.
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Do you wrap gifts? Have you ever thought about the different approaches one can take to this seasonal task? Perhaps our approach reveals a bit about our personality. What kind of wrapper are you?

The Stand Up Comic. You may be showing your age if you remember anyone – yourself included – taking this approach. For you see, youngin’s, many years ago there were these things called newspapers, and they were delivered to homes everywhere.

The most exciting day for a newspaper was Sunday. For on Sundays, there were several pages printed in color. These were known as the Sunday Comics. Many of these comic strips remain as classics in the minds of those of us who remember.

In any case, most every family had one member who wrapped all their gifts in comic papers. And why not? It was environmentally friendly. There was no additional cost – because you already had the newspapers. All you had to do was dig out the comics from the ever growing stack of newspapers from yesterday and beyond.

My experience is that the people who wrapped in the comics also didn’t bother with gift tags. Why would they? Just write the “To” and “From” right on the paper, of course!

Using a tag would likely be in stark contrast to the person’s inner compass, to whatever in them propelled them to wrap gifts in Blondie and Dagwood, Beetle Bailey, Family Circus, and Peanuts. Oh oh. Do I have to explain “Peanuts” now? Did we even have packing peanuts back then?

The Bad Wrapper. A not so distant cousin to the Comic Wrapper is the Bad Wrapper. This person doesn’t know how to wrap a present nicely, and he or she (okay, mostly these are he’s) doesn’t care to learn. It’s just not important to them in life.

If you know someone like this – or are married to them as in my case, here’s a tip. There are usually events around town which offer to wrap gifts in exchange for a donation which is then given to a charity. Our library has had these events in the past.

Dan would rather drive 15 minutes to the library, ask the pretty ladies to help a poor guy out, make a donation, and then drive the 15 minutes back home – rather than wrap the one gift in his charge. Of course, that one gift would be the one he has for me. I’m all good with this because as we all know, it’s all about the card. Right, ladies?

Our next one is also related to the Stand Up Comic and the Bad Wrapper.

The Re-Boxer. If you’ve ever given a pair of mittens in a can opener box, then you are a re-boxer. I don’t know if it’s age or some genetic makeup that makes some of us look at a cardboard box and think, “That’s a good box. I am going to save it.”

But be warned, if you don’t know already. Re-using a box can lead to some awkward gift-opening moments. “Oh wow, I was needing a new can opener.” or in the case of a more expensive item’s box, “Oh wow! You shouldn’t have! I can’t believe you got me this.” Followed by the proverbial, “Well, actually, I didn’t.”

Yep, re-packaging in a cardboard box – nice as it may be – can be uncomfortable. Perhaps this is why boxes for food are never used. “What? Uh. You got me cornflakes?”

A Christmas gift bag with Santa on it.  The bag is sitting on a fence with snow coming down.
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The Bagger. Of course, we all know who “the baggers” are. These are the same people who shop at Dollar Tree. Because that is where you can get great gift bags for a dollar. Well, now the price is $1.25, but they are not going to get that extra quarter outa me! Nope! I reuse those bags year after year after year.

All of us baggers do. It’s the appeal of the bags. You just have to be smart about the tags. Either you have to be careful how you affix the tag to the bag – or you just have to use the same bag for the same person every year. They probably aren’t going to remember anyway. And besides – even if they did, it’s not like you got them cornflakes for Christmas.

Of course, there are other, less colorful wrappers. Like the naturalist – someone who wraps a gift in brown paper, ties it with twine and adds a sprig of holly. Or those creative types – someone who makes bows, paints paper, or even wraps in fabric. And then there are those frugal types who buy all their wrapping paper on December 26th – or even later for a higher discount -at Walmart.

But you know what? How a gift is wrapped doesn’t matter one iota, does it? Whatever the way, someone cares, and that, my dear friend, is all that matters.

And that’s a wrap!

Two candy canes held in such a way that it makes a heart.  The background is a red, plaid shirt.
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  1. I enjoyed this, Betty! Like Dan, I am a bad wrapper. I either pay someone to wrap my presents for me or use a gift bag. Speaking of gift bags, they are the best invention since sliced bread, but you still need to arrange the pretty tissue paper inside of them. We bad wrappers find that even this is a challenge.

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    • Thank you, David! I totally agree with you about the gift bags! They are so great. I think you are a better wrapper than you are letting on. After all, you know about the tissue paper inside the gift bag. Dan would ask why it was needed. 🙂 Enjoy your day, David!

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  2. Oh Betty! You are so delightful! That was a joy to read. I’m wrapping gifts today actually and I’m a combination of a re-boxer, a bagger, an environmentalist (using the brown or beige Kraft paper I’ve saved from Amazon packages), and using some leftover pretty paper from last year.
    Happy wrapping my friend. 🎁🛍️

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    • Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the post. I am actually a combination of all those types, too! And I always have leftover paper, too. Happy wrapping to you, too, my friend. And enjoy your day!

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  3. Betty, you have just described every wrapping technique I have ever used. I pride myself on my wrapping expertise but will not turn down free wrapping when offered at the end of a purchase. You may have read in one my Christmas posts, that when our kids began to recognize my wife’s hand writing on the Christmas tags (and how similar it must be to Santa’s), I began to wrap each child’s presents tag-less in the same paper, one different design for each child (Santa would leave me a code inside an envelope I would open Christmas morning). I now get to do that same single paper method for our grandchildren.

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    • Free wrapping paper with a purchase is the best! If that doesn’t make a person want to shop there again, I don’t know what would! Very clever to color code the gifts. I will file away that good idea. It does not surprise me that your kids recognized your wife’s handwriting on the tags. Smart kids, I’m sure! Have a great day, David!

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    • Thanks, Suz. I am glad to hear you describe the post as delightful. Sometimes when I put stuff like this out there, I just don’t know how it’ll fly. I just know I enjoyed writing it. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your day!

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    • Thank you! Sewing fabric bags is a great idea! I also like the simplicity of brown paper with bows or twine. Thanks for your comment, and enjoy your day!


  4. I love your ending! I’m definitely in the bad wrapper category. It’s a fine art to know how to wrap for sure. I’ve had some strange re-box moments myself — sometimes it’s a relief because the gift is thankfully better than what was once in the box. 🙂 – Marty

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  5. I *love* wrapping presents! I have been known to wrap a few non-Christmas gifts in the comics. I’ve also experienced the awkward “Sorry, the picture on the box isn’t actually your gift” moments. I now tend to use basic Amazon boxes, LOL.

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    • Thanks, Terry. I am not surprised you are a re-bagger. 🙂 I am mostly a re-bagger, too, but I throw in a few wrapped gifts. The sticker idea is a good one, too. Every so many years, you just have to peel off some of the layers. 🙂 I like to make my own tags from old Christmas cards and tape the tags on the bag. After the opening of the gift, I peel off the tape and tag for the next person. Hope you have a great day!


  6. Wonderful post. But you left out one – the non wrapper. I always kind of figured it was the gift that counted and not the wrapping paper. So I would just forgo the wrapping. Until, my wife set me straight. Now I guess you could call be “the horrible wrapper”. Grab some wrapping paper, cover the gift anyway possible and secure it with yards of tape!

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  7. You make looking at “wrappers” in a fun way. One year, a cousin wrapped up a Christmas card box. I like Christmas cards and was thrilled. I didn’t open the box. The cousin didn’t say anything about opening the box. Later, yeah, it wasn’t cards. HAHA I can’t remember what was in there!

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    • Oh, this is great. I was laughing out loud! I bet your cousin has a great sense of humor and decided to let it play out. I like Christmas cards, too. I would be happy to get a box of them, too!


  8. You’ve summed it up very well! I’m all of these except the “bad” wrapper! I love to wrap presents and give them a little special touch, but often due to lack of time I do the bag thing (I always have plenty on hand).

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    • A special touch always makes a gift look special – another way of showing you care. However, bags are quick, and some of them are really beautiful, too! Enjoy your day! Thanks for your comment!

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