Friday Funnies – 12/2/2022

Close up of a polar bear's head.
It’s so cold here, we can hardly bear it.
But …we took a walk on the wild side anyway.
Elk in a pool with a waterfall.
It was nice to see animals in nature.
Two grizzly bears fighting - or playing.
Looks like they’re just playing. Right?
Betty and Dan acting like they are running.  A bear is in the background.
Holy Smokes!
We better get outta here!
An outdoor scene with a reindeer standing in the snow and trees with holiday lights on them.
This guy seems way friendlier.
Maybe he could tell Santa that we’ve been good.
A close up of a catfish.
Hey, wait a minute! Something seems very fishy.
Just where are you at?
A group of three pronghorns.
Well… we’re waiting.
Everybody wants to know.
Cabela's building.
What can I say?
It was warm in there!

Happy Friday!


    • We have a Bass Pro Shop right next to the Aldi’s where we shop every week. We’ve never been inside! There is also a huge Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO. We have a trip scheduled near there in 2023; I think we need to stop in. I have heard it’s a great place to see. Have a great Friday!

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    • Thanks, Marty. We went to the mall with the Cabela’s to see what was going on there. For years, it has been a ghost town for years (except for Cabela’s and the ice rink where the St. Louis Blues used to practice.) They are turning it into some big sportsplex. It will be nice to see new life there. And maybe we’ll have some new inside places to walk. Hope you have a great day!

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