Friday Funnies – 3/10/2023

A rusty metal fire pit resembling a man with a hat smoking a pipe.

Have you ever seen a fire pit like this?

A rusty metal fire pit which resembles a tree.
A rusty metal fire pit which resembles a chicken.  It also has some hearts, balls and bars on it.

Or like these?

Well, this is it. Our camping season has started. We are off on an excursion. It’s a bit early in the year – not beyond the possibility of freezing temps, but we’re OK with that.

We saw these charming characters at our first stop on our 2023 travels. I’d love to see these fire pits ablaze with a roaring fire, with their personalities shining through even more. But it was not to be. Perhaps another time.

Where are we going? Regular readers should know me by now. I’m not saying – yet. However, there are two clues in the post for the very, very astute. Everyone else – stay tuned.

Happy Friday!


  1. I’ve seen a few cut metal fire pits when Camping in our part of Canada. I believe I have a photo of a lit one somewhere. Now I must look. These are very detailed and playful compared to the ones I remember. I’m happy you’re able to kick off your 2023 early, Betty and am looking forward to your adventures. As far as this one goes, I searched the photos and your text, and for some reason all I can come up with is Kansas, and I’m not even sure why – maybe because the first fire pit reminds me of the tin man from the Wizard of Oz (although I don’t recall that character smoking a pipe).

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    • Thank you for taking a guess, Terry. It was a good guess, but we are not in Kansas. 🙂 I usually don’t get good pictures of sunsets or a colorful sky right before sunset, so I’m guessing if I took a picture of a fire in one of these, it wouldn’t turn out as pretty as real life. But I’d bet your photo is a good one. I do think these fire pits are so fun! I appreciate you following our adventures. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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    • Thank you, Linda. I had never seen fire pits like these before – at least that I remember! And like you, I’d really like to see them in use. Maybe next time! Hope you enjoy your Friday!


    • Bill, I think you are very astute! However, my clues were pretty, pretty subtle. We are keeping warm and enjoying where we are and will continue to do so for a few more days. Hope you and Barb are doing well. Enjoy your weekend!


        • You’re still thinking about this? 🙂 We did not go back to the lodge. We are in our travel trailer. I think we are going to have to re-winterize when we get back home. Oh well. This trip is worth it to us because we really wanted to …. Oh wait. Can’t say just yet. But I can say . . . Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. I am late to the party, so I am not even going to guess. It is pretty cold tonight in Mississippi but nowhere close to freezing! For some reason, those fire pits make me think of something you would see in the Ozarks–but that is not a guess–just a commentary on the fire pits. Have fun and hope you don’t get rained out–we have yet more coming again tomorrow!

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    • Suz, you aren’t late to the party; you ARE the party! Now that you say that, these fire pits do look a little “Ozarky.” But since it’s not a guess, I’ll leave it at that. I think we are OK – rain-wise, but, do you ever really know? Hope you have a good day!

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  3. I am so happy you have started your 2023 camping! I am like you, I would sure like to see those fire pits all lit up. You will have to go back later, fire them up, take a picture, and show us. 🙂 May your adventures be bountiful!

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    • If we ever have the chance, I will certainly try to capture one of those fire pits with a fire burning. I bet it would look great. Thank you for your good wishes and happy thoughts!


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