1. I didn’t notice the spectator at the door until I looked a second time, so was a little puzzled by the caption at first, Betty. Good one and thanks for the Friday smile!

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    • We do not have room in our travel trailer for all the comforts of home which she requires. 🙂 Plus she would sleep on our head as our bedroom does not have a door. And she is always wanting to be on my lap. How could I eat or even type on my Chrome book? It’s better for all if she enjoys the comforts of home as well as neighbors who come to visit her. Hope you have a great day, too!


    • Cat Chambers is in charge of all activities – at home and in the neighborhood! Dan leaves the shades up always, so she can look out. People probably think I made a mistake when ordering them. 🙂 She is actually a very nice cat and is very affectionate! Hope you have a great weekend, David!

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