Friday Funnies – 5/5/2023 – SOLVED!

Inside of travel trailer with a Tupperware container of cookies on the counter
Upon Departure
Inside of travel trailer without a Tupperware container of cookies on the counter
Upon Arrival

This week’s Friday Funny is a puzzle.

The two photos above are a recreation of actual events. The first photo was taken upon departure from a campground. The second photo was taken shortly after arrival to the new campground. Do you see what is missing?


The difference is the Tupperware container (with the blue lid) is missing upon arrival. Here’s the conversation which ensued:

Dan: Where are my cookies? What did you do with my cookies?

Betty: I didn’t do anything with your cookies.

Dan: Well, they were right here, and now they are not.

Betty: I don’t even eat those cookies. You’re the last person to touch them. What did YOU do with the cookies?

Dan: I didn’t do ANYTHING with the cookies.

So, who is right? What do you think happened to the cookies?

Please put your answer in the comments below. If you are right, I will tell you so, and you will go down in the history of “Chambers on the Road” for solving this puzzle.

Otherwise, I’ll update the post late Friday night, so readers may check upon waking Saturday morning to learn what happened to the precious cookies.

Either way, I’ll add the word “SOLVED” to the post’s title.

Good luck to everyone, and Happy Friday!


    • They are like gold! These bowls were from Dan’s mom. I don’t know how old they are (it’s a set of three), but they still work great. They keep his cookies fresh – which is so important. 🙂

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  1. Oops .. I didn’t read far enough. Hmm … The mystery of the cookies. It could be any number of solutions if your house is anything like ours, lol. The conversation sounds familiar 😊

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    • Ray, yes – it was obvious – once we knew! It had rolled onto the floor of the camper – as you said – but it was far under the table. We didn’t see it anywhere. After I checked all the cabinets and Dan checked the car, we looked under the table! Then we had a good laugh. Thanks for your response, and I hope you have a great day!


    • Spoken like a true RV’er. Yes, you are right. But…they rolled under the table and out of sight. One theory I had was Dan was taking them out to the car and had set them on the picnic table – and then we drove away without them. ha ha Thank heavens I was wrong! And even though they had fallen and rolled, no cookies were damaged. Thank heavens again! 🙂 Thanks for your response, and enjoy your day!

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    • Congratulations, Kellye! You got it exactly right! Several came close, but you were the one to mention “under the table.” It was pretty far under the table and nowhere in sight! Our first instincts were to think the other had done something. Dan thought I had put them away somewhere and forgot. I thought Dan had taken them to the car and forgot – and maybe even put them on the site’s picnic table and forgot. It gave us a good laugh! Thanks for your response, and have a great day!


  2. Ha ha, funny. I read a bog about a couple in their travel home and the few blogs I read were about how happy they were to be retired, on the road, seeing things and then one blog read about the cons of living in a camper which included not enough space away from each other, etc. Then, the blog disappeared. I often wondered if they are still on the road together, There is a story there.

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    • Yep, I bet there is a story there, too. While many enjoy being on the road full time, that is not for us. I love our home and the activities near there, too. It’s possible they just gave up blogging, too. Thanks for your comment, and have a great day!

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      • Yes, I understand. I once visited my parents after they retired and spent a year on the road before settling down in Orange Beach, Al. It was very tight quarters. They did visit Quebec, Novia Scotia, and Northern California. All places I hope the husband and I can visit but yes, a home base is important.

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  3. I’m too late to the party! I guessed the flew off the counter while going down the road and ended up under the and then read all the other comments! We had similar things happen when towing our fifth wheel on trips! Happy travels!

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  4. Well, I see the puzzle has already been solved, but my guess was going to be that the bowl wound up under something such as the table. We’ve had similar instances of things “disappearing”.

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    • You get an “Honorable Mention” from Chambers on the Road since your guess would have been right. In our trailer, there is nothing besides the table for anything to roll under. Next time, we’ll know to look there first! Enjoy your Friday!

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  5. I’ve experienced this before. It’s called “Tipsy Tupperware.” Dan rounded a corner and the bowl slid off the counter and ended up under the kitchen table. I hope the lid didn’t come off, too.

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    • He eats one at lunch and two after dinner – almost every day. We are both creatures of habit. 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend!


  6. Cookies under the table. Yup, for us it’s been cookies, keys, important papers. Sometimes under the table, sometimes under the slide. But we’ve learned and in the last two years haven’t lost a thing. At least for now.

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  7. I am commenting late in the game. I was out of town over the weekend, without my laptop. I did not have my password to log in so I could not comment using my phone or tablet. So annoying! Anyway, I think the Tupperware slid off the counter while you were on the road.

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    • Meg, you are right about the Tupperware. The issue was it slid far under the table, so we looked everywhere – thinking one of us had put it somewhere. We looked everywhere we could think of – including the car – before looking under the table. I won’t be leaving it on the counter anymore! Now, Meg, you are never late to the blog. I am just glad you are here whenever you can make it! Hope you have a great week!

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